Dawn of Darkness

Intro : The Awakening

The awakening

The characters wake up on a battle field or a ruin. They have no memory of what has happened, but it is clear that a terrible battle has been fought.

In the the palm of their right hand is a mark that seemed to be burned into their flesh.

Orog’s Mark
Orog rune

Drow’s Mark
Drow rune

Duergar’s Mark
Duergar rune

When they touch it, it glows faintly red and they hear voices in their head speaking words of power, it hurts to even try to understand. Blood starts to flow from their eyes, ears, and nose , the voices grow to a climax and they black out.

When they get up, they are surrounded by enemies and the next weeks they spend in captivity. Until one day a cloaked figure appears out of the shadows and disables the guards. It is a female tiefling (Icel Labaeir). She frees the characters and helps them escape.

She opens a scroll and starts to speak arcane words … (casting geas) “Head to Maerimydra as fast as possible and find Matron Irea. If you encounter anybody with a similar mark don’t harm him”. Next a gate opens … they step through it and end up in an underground tunnel about 10 miles from the outskirts of Maerimydra.

After half a day of travel, they encounter each other in a cave. If they try to attack each other, the notice that they are suddenly frozen in place and are unable to strike these characters. Than they notice the mark on their hands and decided to coƶperate.

The Outpost Sitzh Morcane

After 1 day of travel they reach the first outpost. A small cavern, here the walls are smooth and even narrowing to a short passage – set with a heavy iron doors – a small shuttered window is set in the door. The doors are open, behind it is a small cavern with a guard room, several dead guards lie on the ground, clearly a result of conflict.

Fire giant 270x310Beyond it the cavern mouth opens into a larger cavern, at a cliff, with large steps going down along the side of the cliff. Bodies of drow, and ogres lie scattered through out the outpost, part of it has been destroyed by fighting and fire. Some house are still smouldering from the fire. The hear harsh voices come from the central bazaar below. They see 2 Fire Giants giving commands to several ogres (8) who are setting fire to the houses or are loading treasure on chart.

The characters kill the ogres and the fire giants, but before killing the last giant they learn that they are part of an invasion army from Kurgoth Hellspawn and that they were sent to clear out this outpost.


After another day they reach Maerimydra. Two massive iron gates, twisted off their hinges, mark the end of this long tunnel and the entrance to Maerimydra. Four hulking figures (fire giants) block the path to the city. This time they decided to sneak past the guards and into the burning city.


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