Dawn of Darkness

Chapter 2: The Mad Prophet

Journey through the under dark

The characters must find the mad prophet, the Eye of Ghaunadaur. In the library of Castle Maerimydra they learned that the temple of the Eye is located in Lorosfyr, the maddening Dark.

They decide to avoid the frequented travel routes, to not draw to much attention on to themselves, as most evil gods will attempt to absorb their divine spark to expand their portfolio. The route via River Channath takes them through the Deepfall to the lake of Shadows, from there they will go to the abandoned Dwarven city Brinnoroth which lies on top of the abyss Lorosfyr.

Lake of Shadows

Aboleth20 prison

After they managed to pass The Deepfall they arrive in the Lake of Shadows. The waters of the lake are dark, a darkness so impenetrable that its surface reflects any light back to its source.

On the second night they are attacked by 3 Aboleths. The Orog warrior quickly falls pray to the mind control of these aberrations, Ivar the Duergar psion manages to unleash devastating force lightning destroying two of these creatures, while Drada tumbles onto the third to plunge her daggers into the creatures head, killing it and breaking the mind control. Afflicted with a terrible disease they continue their journey to Brinnoroth.

Brinnoroth Dwarven Ghost Town
Beholder by andrew robinson d388z4r The abandoned dwarven mining settlement, lies at the top of a long sloped passage leading down to Lorosfyr, the maddening dark.

The dwarven town is deserted, except for dozens of grotesque statues – probably petrified creatures, arrayed around the walls, frozen in positions of horror or surprise and chipped or broken in ways that might be intended as artistic.

In the Hall of the Thane, they encounter the artist, an evil beholder looking to add them to his collection. With combined effort they managed to slay the beholder.

Using the mining shafts they descend into old dwarven mines.

Descend into madness

In one of the dwarven shafts they discover a cycoplean staircase which descends into the darkness along the walls of the abyss. Nearly 40 miles below the surface. Bitterly cold and unnaturally still, Lorosfyr’s depth, some unknown madness stalks through its chill space. Whisper of horror gather in the ears of those who walk too long in Lorosfyr’s horrible silence.

At the bottom of the abyss the walls come closer to form a very narrow fissure and the stairs suddenly stop forcing them climb through the narrow fissure. After some time they find a tunnel with sleek walls leading into an abyss, with a narrow bridge leading to rocky island on top of a spiral. On the spiral they see a temple.

Temple of Ghaunadar
An unspeakably vile stench, combining the worst elements of decaying flesh, refuse and waste, fills this small room. A fetid pool of slime glistens in the center of the temple, and a number of amorphous shapes twitch around it. Within the pool of slime something glows with a sickly violet light.

Two large stalagmites of stone stand near the pool, on the opposite side of the pool stands a drow male figure, dressed in a purple toga covered with eyes that blink and look around.

From two braziers filled with bones and other remains, a think smoke arises, spreading the smell of burning flesh. Between the smoke they notice that the priest has no eyes and one of his arms ends into a tentacle.

The Eye welcomes them and after inspecting the marks reveals that these belong to aspects of some of the grey gods.

  • The orog has the mark of “The Red Handed” an aspect of Khaine. He embodies the primal survival instinct, the struggle to survive, the ultimate predator.
  • The drow has the mark of “The Hideous Beauty” an aspect of Aresthenion. She embodies aesthetic expressions and experiences, both beautiful and ugly, pleasure and pain.
  • The duergar has the mark of “The Changer of ways” an aspect of Cymarion. He embodies vitality and volatility of change, bending the boundaries of flesh and mind.

For the knowledge of how to unlock the divine spark within and what it has to do with these marks, they will need to consult with the Eldar Eye, but to do so they need to gain his favour.

Part with that what you wish to sacrifice, and the priest gestures to the braziers filled with bones, flesh, …) and pray that his gaze falls upon you and that it may grant you the vision of that what you seek.

Ivar removes one of his eyes and throws it into the burning brazier, Drada cuts part of her face off and Grotak an ear. The smoke of the braziers seems to shift and reveal some images … in their head they hear a warm and pleasant voice.

Citadel small “You must find the lost temples of these grey gods. These temples are build on leylines, powerful sources of great magical power. Within these temples you must awaken the aspect of the god. Defeating the aspect of the god will unleash part of his power, power that your rune will absorb and re-awaken the divine entity within you.”

The priest shares with the location of the first temple. It is located in Frostfell, the freezing hell of the North of Norsca. Where the ice turns back and the sun doesn’t rise. Here they will find a citadel of the last guardian. This is the entrance to the temple.

They receive another gift, a jar of (8) eyes. Swallowing any of these will grant them a brief vision when in need of guidance.


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