Cash : 518 g

Potions :
Potion of bull’s str
Potion of cure light wounds x2
Potion of daglicht
Potion of delay poison
Potion of Endure elements
Drow poison x12
Potion of truth
Potion of hide from undead

Weapons & Armour :
Large Shield
Rapier +1 x 4
Chainmail +2 x 4
Bracers of armor 2
Dagger of venom

Wondrous Items :
Ring of counterspells
Cloak of Resistance +1 x 3

In use :
Necklace of fireballs
Amulet of natural 2
Protection 2
Cloak of cha +2
Cassock of the clergy



Dawn of Darkness sooller Agrippa