Duergar abduction by ben wootten

Long ago, mind flayers conquired the strongholds of clan Duergar of the dwarven kingdom of Shanatar. After generations of enslavement and cruel experimentation at the hands of the illithids, the duergar rose against their masters and regained their freedom.

Duergar are at their heart a grim and bitter race, pessimistic of their future and deeply cynical regarding the motives of others. As a result duergar are a dark and cruel race, who show no mercy to their foes and who take great pleasure in inflicting pain on others, a welcome relief from what they believe is a meaningless life ended with betrayal.

They have found a niche for themselves in the Underdark, creating armor and weapons to trade with the warring races of that realm.

Recent History

Laduguer, the grey protector and Deep Duerra, Queen of the Invisible Art, have been presumed destroyed. However most worshippers of Ladugeur did not realize this, as Asmodeus took up the guise of Laduguer in an effort to gain more followers. As a result Duergar began making pacts with devils, securing infernal power for themselves. The followers of Deep Duerra are in open conflict with the followers of Laduguer and their infernal allies(masters) , fearing another age of suppression.

Racial Traits

  • Ability Score: +2 constitution, +2 Wisdom and -2 Charisma.
  • Immunities: Duergar are immune to paralysis, phantasms, and poison. Duergar acquired immunity to some illusions and many toxic substances during their servitude to mind flayers. +2 Racial bonus on saves against spells and spell-like abilities
  • Stability: Duergar receive a -4 racial bonus to their CMD and against bull rush or trip attempts while on solid ground.
  • Spell-like abilities: 1/day cast enlarge person and invisibility affecting itself only. Using character level as its caster level.
  • Superior Darkvision: up to 120 feet
  • Light Sensitivity: Duergar are dazzled in areas of bright light

Class Options

  • Cleric
  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Psion
  • Psychic Warrior


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