Welcome to Dawn of Darkness

For several years the conflict, known as the Deep Wars have raged between the surface races (Elves, Dwarves and Humans) and the deep races (Drow, Duergar and Orogs) and it has come to a final climax with the destruction of the deep gods (Lolth, Vhaeraun, Gruumsh, Luthic, Laduguer, Deep Duerra and a number of minor gods).

Now three champions of darkness have risen from the ruins of their civilisation. Marked by a strange rune that harbours terrible power, they are the final hope of their kind hunted by good and evil alike.

disclaimer: let niet te hard op zinsbouw, type & taalfouten, meeste info komt van mijn quick notes die ik maak ter voorbereiding van de avonturen.

Dawn of Darkness

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