Dawn of Darkness

Chapter 3: Fury of the Frostmaiden

North of the Wall

The characters have traveled for several weeks, crossed the Sea of claws and they finally reach Norsca. These lands are inhabited by half-giant warriors (Vrykul) who often raid the shores of Lynn using their longships.


Outside the city Vangarde they spot a female Vrykul bringing a sacrifice to Auril the frostmaiden, the characters decide to also make a sacrifice to Auril. The Vrykul invites them into their home a small hunters lodge in the woods. They learn more about Frostfell and the next day they hire a crew for a sailing ship to cross the eternal ice sea.

They trick the captain to take them to Sudenheim near the wall, which is a formation of mountains rising steep upward creating a wall between the Norsca and Frostfell. The only passage through is a small crevasse. Once they near Sudenheim they try to force the captain with the elixir of love to sail to frostfell, when this fails they resort to more … bloody measures, killing most of the crew.

The last guardian

Last guardian

The cold has taken an unearthly character and the daylight has been trade by a twilight. When they arrive at the field of ancients. Dozens of ice statues rising to 100 feet high stand in an open field of ice. At that point they see a huge white dragon with a rider on it.

In their head they hear a voice “turn back or die”. They decide to continue. Next of the statues explodes and the debris falling down threatens to crush their ship. They make a drastic manoeuvre to avoid the blocks but crash into one of the statues.

The Dragon suddenly jets down into an attack move and attacks them with its icy breath weapon. The beast flies over them and turns back for another attack run as the characters ready themselves for the next attack. Kurgoth the Orgo takes one of the harpoons on a rope and readies himself to throw it at the dragon and Ivar is going to teleport Drada onto the dragon.

The dragon flies over attacking the enlarged Orog, who throws his harpoon into the dragon’s side, holding the rope he is pulled of the deck and dragged behind the dragon over the ice. Drada disappears and reappears on the dragon behind the rider as Ivar bends the reality with his will.

Stuggling with Orog, the dragon turns and attack the nearly half giant. The rider attempts to throw the drow off but is backstabbed by Drada. Affected by the drown poison the rider falls off his dragon and the Orog beheads the dragon with a mightly cleave of his flaming great sword.

Deathofthelastguardian When they remove the helm of the bound rider, they notice that she looks like a sort of elf, with slightly more archaic, slender face, glowing eyes and silver hear. Strangely familiar yet alien.

Questioning the arrogant elf, she insults them that they are an unworthy and vile breed that can not even begin to comprehend what or who she is and what they are about to do.
With those last insults a tear rolls over her cheek and she breaths her last breath. A stone embeded in her plate armour starts to glow for a moment as the life drains out of the elf.

Nightspire Citadel

After a 4 hour trip by foot they reach the jetblack sheets of ice that gleam with dark energy. It is here that they encounter Abaddon, a death knight that has been bound into service for centuries by the last guardian. With her death he has been set free and is bound on revenge, joining the characters on their quest.


Abaddon guides the party to the nightspire citadel. Once they arrive at the citadel it seemed abandoned.


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